Me,Myself and I

All about me…

Out of all the things I can write, for some reason this will be the hardest to date. Although this is the only piece I’ve written thus far, so only time will tell.   When asked to introduce and divulge personal details about yourselves within a new setting, be it a job interview, a new friendship or an environment where practically no one knows you, it can be hard to find the right words or simply the confidence. At least, for me I know It’s a struggle. This may indicate that I’m a quiet or even shy person, but rest assured this is not so. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. So here I go with a little about me.

I’ve always been rather expressive, and generally channelled this through theatrics such as, drama, dance and singing (one of my favourite activities).

As well as these, I love art; Every part of it: the planning, the execution, the displaying as well as being the viewer, in awe by what I see. It’s fascinating how a part of the artist can be found, laced between every brush, pen or artistic stroke, in every piece they create. they allow us a glimpse into their thought processes and vulnerability. Art is, in its purest form, emotion and an expression of it!  

I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, Okay, a big one. I can’t help loving things to be just so. Have you ever written a list and drawn those little check boxes beside them and after stepping back you can’t help feeling like it looks like the perfect list? I have, it was almost a shame to ruin those sweet little boxes with tick marks upon completion.  Sometimes, my need for perfection is not a fantastic trait, especially when one’s piece of art is blatantly finished, yet the mind says, just a little more…

Like everyone else I am making a journey. It has its bumps along the way, but ultimately, it’s a good journey. Every hurdle I have overcome has equipped me well and strengthened my resilience to life’s bending roads and sharp turns. I am very passionate about health and lifestyles, having overcome some battles myself. This blog isn’t for me to say how it should be done. No, it’s to tell you how I did it, what I would change and what worked for me. My blog’s aim is to uplift, inspire and be inspired.

Overall, I’d say I am outgoing, with the ability to be reserved. However, I do thrive in social situations as I love to socialise and get to know new people. Which reminds me, you can always say ‘Hi’ through the contact form. I’d love to reply too!